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Fanpost Sunday: Read what our community has to say

Today we feature some of our community contributions.

Washington Capitals v Toronto Maple Leafs - Game Three

It’s a lazy Sunday, and the sun is trying to shine, so you need some beach reading. Okay, you’re a very hardy type, or in Florida if you’re on a beach, but have a look at some of the community contributions to this site. A couple of these stories are on our front page today too.

First up, is a look at the hill the Leafs have to climb to succeed next year and who might get in their way:

Stats Talk: 2017/18 - The Leafs Toughest Challenge - Pension Plan Puppets
The Leafs face challenges this season, and they also have competition for playoff spaces.

WARNING: this is a norm post, read at your own risk:

Let's Go Rando, Leaf Fans. - Pension Plan Puppets
Let’s go rando.

1st Up. Leaf wingers. I don't love the way how the game is played [and reffed] changes during the playoffs, but facts are facts: Come the playoffs, you need some players who are...

The draft is about more than the first round:

The Case for Cale Fleury: Drafting the Next Connor Brown - Pension Plan Puppets
Digging deeper in the draft than just first round picks.

A tale of a trip to see the Marlies.

Awkward Journeys, Mixed Results, Always Worth It - The Marlies Game - Pension Plan Puppets
Ok, so it's 6:10 pm, it's about 30 - 35 minutes if I take the streetcar, so I should leave in like 15 minutes, because this time I don't want to miss half the damn period. I felt pretty dumb...

Some digging in of the salary cap situation. We’ll have a post on this topic soon too.

An Attempt at the Leafs' Off-Season Salary Cap Situation - Pension Plan Puppets
Hello all,

I occasionally pop in to discuss the Leafs, though I more frequently spend time over at Raptors HQ. One of my keen interests is the manipulation of the intricate NBA CBA. In more and...

We might do this feature again next Sunday. It’s a way for us to highlight the contributions of our community, and to say thank you to them for their participation. Without you, we’re just talking to ourselves here.

If you have something to say, go to the Fanpost page and click the New Panpost button.