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Leafs to play some pre-season games in Ricoh Coliseum this year

They’re also going on the road to play the Habs in a neutral location.

Tampa Bay Lightning v Toronto Maple Leafs
They thought they were never going back to Ricoh!

The Toronto Maple Leafs have not released their pre-season schedule. It’s in a vault below the ACC behind the latest in lock technology with all the other Leafs secrets. However, we made like a heist flick and found all the dates, times, opponents and have assembled them for you. We’re not sure about all the locations. Seldo wrote all that down, and we can’t read his writing.

Without further ado:

Toronto Maple Leafs 2017 Pre-season Schedule

Opponent Date Time Location
Opponent Date Time Location
Ottawa Senators 9/18/17 7:30 p.m. Canadian Tire Centre, Ottawa
Ottawa Senators 9/19/17 7:30 p.m. ACC, Toronto
Buffalo Sabres 9/22/17 7:30 p.m. Ricoh Coliseum, Toronto
Buffalo Sabres 9/23/17 7:00 p.m. KeyBank Center, Buffalo
Montréal Canadiens 9/25/17 7:30 p.m. Ricoh Coliseum, Toronto
Montréal Canadiens 9/27/17 7:00 p.m. Centré Videotron, Québec City
Detroit Red Wings 9/29/17 7:30 p.m. Little Caesars Arena, Detroit
Detroit Red Wings 9/30/17 7:00 p.m. Ricoh Coliseum, Toronto

Why the Leafs are playing a couple of games in Ricoh is a secret kept in a different vault, so we don’t know.

The game in Québec City is an annual event, usually involving Montréal, and this year it’s the Leafs turn to enjoy the hospitality in one of the nicest non-NHL arenas in North America. It’s not really a neutral site game, of course. It’ll be full of Habs fans cheering on whoever is left on that team when Marc Bergevin is done trading away their players in search of a puck moving defenceman.

Mark the dates! We’ll let you know when tickets go on sale, and stay tuned for the release of more schedule information this week.

Edited to add: We cracked the other vault. The opening and closing ceremonies for the Invictus Games are at the ACC, and preparation for them has likely sent some of the pre-season action over to Ricoh. We aren’t sure, but we think the two other games set for Toronto or TBD will be elsewhere as well.