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PPP’s season predictions for the NHL

Where will the Leafs finish? How many awards will they win?

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Boston Bruins at Toronto Maple Leafs Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight we begin one of the most anticipated Toronto Maple Leafs seasons of all time. Normally this would be a huge load of hyperbole but with John Tavares partnering with Mitch Marner on the Leafs top line and Auston Matthews and William Nylander....texting each other?

We here at PPP Kitten Ranching, Basement Renovations, and Bedsheet Fabrication, GmbH have sat down, put on our best thinking caps and made our bold predictions for the upcoming NHL season. No, we weren't total homers about things.

Where will the Maple Leafs end up in the Atlantic, East or NHL? We’re all picking in about the same place, except for Brigstew who’s all in this season.

Predictions: Standings

Name Leafs finish in Division Leafs finish in conference Leafs finish overall
Name Leafs finish in Division Leafs finish in conference Leafs finish overall
seldo 2 3 5
katya 2 3 6
Arvind 3 4 7
Kevin 2 2 4
Fulemin 2 2 4
Brigstew 1 1 2
Hardev 2 2 5
Species 1 2 4
nafio 2 4 6
Annie 2 3 5

We all see a tight Atlantic Division and the top of the East is there for the Leafs. League wise we’re expecting a top 10 finish.

Predictions: Numbers

Name # of wins Goals For Goals Against
Name # of wins Goals For Goals Against
seldo 55 298 245
katya 50 285 230
Arvind 45 283 236
Kevin 51 233
Fulemin 50 290 230
Brigstew 53 302 255
Hardev 54 291 234
Species 55 309 201
nafio 52 290 240
Annie 53 All of them All of them -1

50+ wins this year, almost 300 goals makes for a good looking team. The goals against are pretty high, so we’re not super confidant in the defense as it is on paper.

Predictions: Trades

Name Who gets traded?
Name Who gets traded?
seldo Leivo, Sparks, Johnsson, Hyman
katya Carrick and Leivo
Arvind Future draft picks
Kevin 2019 First
Fulemin Leivo, Sparks
Brigstew Brown, Nielsen and a 2nd
Hardev Sparks, Leivo, 2019 picks
Species Pickard, Gauthier, Borgman, Leivo
nafio Leivo,
Annie Leivo, future picks

These predictions were made before the big trade with the Dallas Stars, so I have to give Katya the credit on saying Connor Carrick would get traded. Most of us don’t see Josh Leivo lasting too much longer in Toronto either. I went off the board and threw in Andreas Johnsson and Zach Hyman. If the Leafs want to make a big deal, roster players will have to go.

Predictions: Outcomes

Name Best (realistic) outcome for the Leafs Worst case scenario
Name Best (realistic) outcome for the Leafs Worst case scenario
seldo Conference Final Miss the playoffs
katya Conference Final Miss the playoffs by one game
Arvind Winning the Cup Miss the playoffs
Kevin Winning the Cup in Vegas Injuries, miss playoffs
Fulemin Parade down Yonge St. Global warming makes Earth uninhabitable
Brigstew Cup Champions Injuries, miss playoffs
Hardev Champions. OF THE WORLD lose wild card to Buffalo
Species Parade down Bay St. Miss the playoffs by one point determined in the April 1 game against the Islanders and losing because Matt Martin gets a hat trick
nafio Cup Champions Miss the playoffs
Annie Winning the damn Cup Narrowly miss the playoffs, everyone blames Jake Gardiner

At a minimum we have a conference final appearance, otherwise it’s Stanley Cup time. We see missing the playoffs as the worst possible thing to happen to the Leafs this year, aside from Fulemin who reminds us of the destruction we are doing to ourselves.

Always there for a good time, that Fulemin.

What we want as hockey fans

Name What you want as a fan
Name What you want as a fan
katya FUN!
Arvind Better breakouts, outshooting teams, and hopefully a playoff series win
Kevin Playoff series win vs. Boston
Fulemin Dynasty
Brigstew Curb stomp Boston in first round and win the Cup
Hardev Beat Tampa and Boston
Species Locker room shower access
nafio Many goals, much scoring
Annie Conquering victory, Auston Matthews wearing ridiculous clothes

We all want different things as fans. I want a cup. I want to watch the Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup while sitting on my couch with my kids. I want to raise that Leafs flag for all eternity and call Google to come by and take a new street view picture.

Katya wants fun and Species...well, I did ask I guess.

Now, the lesser teams.

The winners

Name Who wins the EC? Who wins the WC? Who wins the cup?
Name Who wins the EC? Who wins the WC? Who wins the cup?
seldo Toronto Nashville Toronto
katya Pittsburgh St. Louis St. Louis
Arvind Tampa Bay Winnipeg Winnipeg
Kevin Pittsburgh Winnipeg Winnipeg
Fulemin Tampa Bay Winnipeg Tampa Bay
Brigstew Toronto San Jose Toronto
Hardev Toronto Los Angeles Toronto
Species Capitals San Jose Toronto
nafio Toronto San Jose San Jose
Annie Tampa Bay San Jose San Jose

Everyone who picked the Jets* to win the Cup are dead to me. Hell, everyone who didn’t pick Toronto is dead too.

The Losers

Name Who finishes last?
Name Who finishes last?
seldo Detroit
katya Ottawa
Arvind Detroit
Kevin Ottawa
Fulemin Ottawa
Brigstew NYR
Hardev Ottawa
Species Minnesota
nafio Chicago
Annie Ottawa

As much as I’d love Ottawa to lose then win the lottery, I just have to see HOCKEYTOWN finish last for nothing more than pettiness. Plus if Ottawa doesn’t finish last but wins the lottery, it’s funnier.

Player predictions

Name Hart Art Ross Richard Norris Vezina Selke Calder
Name Hart Art Ross Richard Norris Vezina Selke Calder
seldo Tavares Marner Laine Hedman Andersen Coutourier Tkachuk
katya Taylor Hall McDavid Laine Hedman Bobrovskiy Bergeron Dahlin
Arvind McDavid McDavid McDavid Doughty Gibson Couturier Pettersson
Kevin McDavid McDavid Laine Hedman Gibson Bergeron Pettersson
Fulemin McDavid McDavid Matthews Hedman Vasilevskiy Couturier Pettersson
Brigstew McDavid McDavid Matthews Provorov Andersen Bergeron Strome
Hardev McDavid McDavid Ovechkin Seth Jones Vasilevskiy Couturier Dahlin
Species Matthews JvR Matthews Hedman Andersen Couturier Dahlin
nafio Hall McDavid Matthews Provorov Andersen Bergeron Dahlin
Annie Matthews McDavid Matthews Provorov Andersen Couturier Pettersson

I’m a Leafs homer through and through so I want to see Tavares, Marner, and Frederik Andersen to take home some hardware. As it should be Connor McDavid gets a lot of picks for awards, but Auston Matthews gets the majority of Rocket Richard votes.

Management picks

Name Adams Best GM First coach fired?
Name Adams Best GM First coach fired?
seldo Babock Dubas Julien
katya Bill Peters Wilson Housley
Arvind Jim Montgomery Kevin Cheveldayoff Joel Quenneville
Kevin Rod Brind'Amour Armstrong McLellan
Fulemin Paul Maurice Kyle Dubas Housley
Brigstew Babcock Dubas Boucher
Hardev NYR's guy Mr. Wilson McLellan
Species Babcock Kyle Dubas Boudreau
nafio Jim Montgomery Ron Hextall Boucher
Annie Paul Maurice Kyle Dubas Boucher

I have some feelings that Marc Bergevin’s choices will come back to haunt him and he’ll make a panic move and fire Claude Julien and make Patrick Roy head coach. Arvind thinks that the Blackhawks will move on from Quenneville even though it’s Bowman who put them in their current funk.

Those are our picks for this season. Share your predictions below to get the greatest prize of them all: Being right about sports.