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FTB: Maple Leafs need to forget about that game and move on

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The Maple Leafs now have to focus on the long road trip ahead.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Boston Bruins
Mystery hand!
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

I assume a lot of the Maple Leafs management and coaching staff are not waking up in a good mood today. Many of the players are probably not happy with their effort either. The Bruins demolished them in a game that never felt like it should have ended 6-3, but more like 6-1 at best.

There could also be some troble for Zach Hyman with the DoPS.

If you need cheering up after last night, simply watch this.

The Leafs are now on a long road trip that will swing through the South-East US. Their next game is in Carolina on Tuesday, followed up by games in Tampa on Thursday and Florida on Saturday.

At least the Furies won last night. Sarah Nurse scored twice to rise to a PPG pace.

CWHL Recap: Furies beat Blades 5-1, Thunder lose 3-1 - nafio and mediajunkie
It was a night of firsts in Toronto, and a frustrating night in Markham.

The Marlies lost to the Rocket in OT last night, but they played a good game. We’ll have a recap later this morning. In the mean time, enjoy the teddy bear toss, which was triggered for the second year in a row by a goal from Jeremy Bracco.

My favourite part of this is at the bottom right where someone bombs a gigantic teddy bear right into the likely unsuspecting people in that section.

The Marlies are playing again today at 4:00 p.m. against the Belleville Senators.

Other News

These incidents at the door keep happening; Victor Hedman gets it this time.

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