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James van Riemsdyk not available: HNIC report

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Chris Johnston tells us what many had already realized. The Leafs will not be trading one of their UFAs.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at New York Rangers Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Johnston on the Hockey Night in Canada panel tonight gave two pieces of news.

First there are no contract extension discussions going on with the the Maple Leafs pending UFAs: James van Riemsdyk, Leo Komarov, and Tyler Bozak. Second, teams inquiring about van Riemsdyk have been told he is not available for trade.

We should have seen this coming. Van Riemsdyk will be used by the Leafs as a so-called “own rental” and is not available.

Need a clown for a children’s party: JvR is not available.

Need an extra man for your dinner party: JvR is not available.

Need you driveway shovelled? Nope.

How about some other work around the house? Not a chance.

Need your taxes done? JvR will not help you out.

And under no circumstances if you need a guy to hang around the net and pop the puck in for you, particularly on the power play, you need to forget about that. At least until the summer.