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Back To Excited Hockey Podcast: Episode 15 - Another Walk Around the Atlantic

Fulemin and I discuss the bipolar nature of the rest of the division

Tampa Bay Lightning v Boston Bruins Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Welcome to another episode of Back to Excited.

In this instalment, Fulemin and I decided to talk about the rest of the division, catching up with the haves and have-nots. How do the Leafs stack up to the top teams? How funny is it that Florida gave away two first liners for Vegas? Is the Drouin trade worse than Rask for Raycroft?

Ok, that last one is an exaggeration, but we do make fun of the Habs a lot in this episode.

We also discuss the Nikita Soshnikov trade, and his strengths and weaknesses as a player. Would it have been smarter to use him as Leo Komarov’s eventual replacement?

The full list of items discussed and timestamps are below:

  • Soshnikov trade: [1:30]
  • Tampa Bay: [10:09]
  • Boston: [19:30]
  • Florida: [24:54]
  • Detroit: [35:23]
  • Ottawa: [41:03]
  • Montreal: [53:20]
  • Buffalo: [1:03:59]

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