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NHL Trade Deadline Rumours: Do the Leafs want any of these guys?

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It’s time now for players to be held out of games and for the rumour mill to crank into high gear. Is there anything here for the Leafs?

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at New York Rangers Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

As Saturday’s afternoon games approach, we are seeing reports that players are being held out of games pending potential trades. As well, other names are hitting the (legitimate) rumour mill.

Johnny Oduya

Ottawa is trading more than just Erik Karlsson, although that deal seems more real and less ephemeral all the time.

Do the Leafs want Oduya as depth help?

Why, what a clever contract. He has not yet played 65 games, so the receiving team would be on the hook for $500,000 in bonuses for sure.

He’s also 36, misses a lot of time injured, and is not a Patrick Marleau old guy, more of a “he used to be good” old guy.

Ryan McDonagh

It’s not news that this Rangers defender is on the block, but this was a surprise:

The Panthers seem to really think they’re in a playoff race. Or they are looking to build for the future with a defender that has one more year after this one. His contract status makes the price higher, but his cap hit at only $4.7 million is very attractive for that extra year.

The equation for the Leafs on McDonagh is this:

McDonagh in the top four + Ron Hainsey on the third pair + Roman Polak not on the ice - Morgan Reilly on his offside = net gain.

It’s a very, very tempting picture. The downside is that McDonagh is a lefty and pushes Rielly over to his off side again. He is also one year older than Jake Gardiner, and their contracts run out at the same time, making for a fairly thorny decision. How good is Travis Dermott? Do you spend the considerable picks and other assets it would take to make this deal now or do you wait for future growth from within? Do you do that without trading away James van Riemsdyk to recoup some of that?

I don’t think the answer is easy, and I’m not convinced that the short term net gain listed above is worth what the cost likely will be.

Jean-Gabriel Pageau

But I want J.G. Pageau! Stupid Sens. He’s a young, gifted PKer, two-way centre and all around good player on a low-cost deal.

Tomas Plekanec

What about an older, more expensive, short-term centre? I think he’ll cost more than a depth rental should, and the Leafs will say no.

Joel Ward

I wasn’t expecting this one, and I assume some contending team will grab him up as an experienced playoff guy. Not sure those are really worth a lot.

So, what’s there in this crop of players that you like?


Pick a rumour, who do you want?

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  • 3%
    Johnny Oduya
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  • 45%
    Ryan McDonagh
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  • 20%
    Jean-Gabriel Pageau
    (782 votes)
  • 12%
    Tomas Plekanec
    (477 votes)
  • 4%
    Joel Ward
    (167 votes)
  • 15%
    Someone else you swear to name in a comment
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