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2018 NHL Trade Deadline passes with no new moves from the Leafs

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In a day fraught with tension over the pending trades of two defenders, one a star, only the ordinary mortal was moved, and he didn’t go to the Leafs.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Matt Kincaid/Getty Images

The Maple Leafs find themselves in an odd place. They’re in the playoffs, having skipped right over the uncomfortable stage of too good to get a good pick, not good enough for post-season play. But they aren’t ready to dump out all their futures for a guy right now.

While everyone talked about Erik Karlsson, who is now in the uncomfortable place of having to play out the season still in Ottawa, the only real move of note on defence turned out to be Ryan McDonagh to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

To see where the Leafs ended up in terms of picks and roster spots:

Lou Lamoriello spoke to the media at 4 PM today and confirmed the team had made no deals.

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