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Report — Maple Leafs extend Alexander Kerfoot for four years

Kyle Dubas locks up another young player to a good term.

NHL: DEC 11 Avalanche at Penguins Photo by Jeanine Leech/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Four years at $3.5 million is the deal according to this report, and that is a very good deal for a player with arbitration rights and his points totals. I looked at comparables for Kerfoot, assuming he went to arbitration, and found the following:

Arbitration Comparison

Alexander Kerfoot is 24, has two years of NHL results with a Points per 60 minutes of 1.89 and 1.38 at five-on-five. His total points are 43 and 42.

2018 - Phillip Danault, age 25, P60 in the prior two years of 1.82 and 1.49, with total points of 25 (in 52 games) and 53 — settlement of three years at $3.1 million

2018 - Chris Tierney, age 24, P60 in the prior two years of 1.22 and 1.31, with total points of 23 and 40 — settlement of two years at $2.9 million

2017 - Conor Sheary, age 25, P60 in the prior two years of 1.5 and 3.0, with total points of 10 (in 44 games) and 53 — settlement of three years at $3 million

Given Kerfoot’s high points, and his decent claim to be an NHL centre, along with the rising cap, it’s reasonable to think he’d get more than Danault in an award. Two or three years at under $3.5 would have been a really good deal, but to extend this to four years, which takes Kerfoot to age 29 the summer it expires, is pretty much the perfect term.

We’ll update you with official details of the term and the affect on the Maple Leafs salary cap when we have it.

And then there’s this addendum:

Looks like the team is all going to be set very soon, barring Mitch Marner.

Update, the news is official, and the cap calculation is right here.