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Fridays FTB: William Nylander has surfaced

As we get closer to training camp the players are coming out of their summer burrows.

NHL European Player Media Tour Portraits
William Nylander apparently spent his off season in the 80s
Photo by Johanna Lundberg/NHLI via Getty Images

We are mere weeks away from training camp and the players are starting to get back into the routine of talking to the media, and the media talking about the players.

Both William Nylandet and Sportsnets Chris Johnston shook off the summer rust and got together for a late summer chat at the NHL European Media Tour.

Nylander has basically been distraction-free while spending most of the last three months training here in Sweden. He feels for teammate Mitch Marner, a restricted free agent who currently remains without a contract, because of the emotional roller-coaster negotiations can take you on.

"There will be a solution at one point in time, but you don’t know when"

Nylander also shared his new look with photographers and he is here and ready to do what it takes to get you into this gently used bronze 1982 Honda Accord

NHL European Player Media Tour Portraits Photo by Johanna Lundberg/NHLI via Getty Images

That is quite the look for William. Hopefully our links look just as good.

Hopefully it's a....snap.

But, should they?

Yeah, maybe, why not?

But still no Marleau deal....

Finally some good news in the world!

Enjoy your day everybody!