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NHL releases 2nd set of COVID-19 test results

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10 days after the first late-evening news dump, a new set of results has been issued in minimalist fashion.

2020 NHL Draft Lottery
I’m getting tired of looking at him too, but he should be the face of the bad news.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/NHLI via Getty Images

Today, the NHL has released the second set of results of their testing protocols within the Phase 2 voluntary training program currently underway.

This set of tests covers “in excess of 250” players. And “in excess of 1,450” tests administered. The total positive tests are 15. No clarity is provided if this includes the previous tests or not, but that seems to be the most likely interpretation.

The release also states that 11 players outside of the Phase 2 protocol, so players not training at any NHL rink, have had positive tests.

The first set of results was issued on Friday evening 10 days ago:

In that announcement no precise number of players tested was provided, and no information on staff or non-player personnel was included, although many people in those categories are part of Phase 2 and are subject to twice-weekly tests.

Since Friday, very little extra detail has been provided. Gary Bettman made a statement on air during the draft lottery broadcast that implied most of these first 11 positive tests were from the initial test done before a player is allowed to join the training, but no numbers were even hinted at.

The Tampa Bay Lightning provided some clarity on their situation:

If we get clarity on these new numbers, we will update you.