Now it's really T25 season. The talking about it is over, now we're voting. You'll find the vote survey embedded below, but if that doesn't work for you, or you want to open the survey in its own tab, this is the link: 2022 T25.

A few tips:

  • screen shot your vote page or write it down, the software doesn't give you your answers
  • don't forget those newer players lower down the list
  • you can vote for as many players as you like, but we don't count the votes over 25
  • the software limits to a single response from each IP, so if you work at a large company that gives the same IP to every computer in the office, maybe consider doing if from home
  • 3,000 responses are allowed, and we don't touch that number, so you don't have to rush
  • the survey will close on Monday, August 8 at midnight/

NOTE: the first version of this survey had Rodion Amirov listed, that was my inattention, so 50 people voted with his name available. This is going to slightly affect the overall result, but I am expecting the most disparate rankings below 10 we’ve ever had, so it should get washed out in all that chaos.