To no one's surprise our #1 Toronto Maple Leaf under 25 is Auston Matthews!

However, this will be the last time picking number one will be so easy. Auston Matthews turns 25 on Friday (September 17) and ages out of the Top 25 after having an amazing seven year run as #1.

The Player

We know who he is.

Everyone knows who he is.

What Auston Matthews has accomplished as a Maple Leaf before he turned 25 is more than most players of any age ever accomplish as a Leaf.

As of the end of last season, Matthews sits:

Ninth in total goals as a Maple Leaf with 259. He is already in the top ten of Maple Leafs goal scorers. Averaging 43 goals per season, he is on pace to break Mats Sundins all-time record of 420 in three to four seasons.

Matthews has 198 assists. A lot farther down the list than he is with goals (32nd) but he will get to the 200 mark in his first couple of games this season,

457 points. 15th all-time. An average of 65 points per season. Barring a disaster he’ll break 500 this season, and will come close to Rick Vaive who sits at #10 with 537.

Power play goals? 63! Only three away from bumping Dave Keon (65) out of 5th all-time.

Don’t ask about short-handed goals, he doesn’t have any.

Game winners though? 45. He’s 5th all-time, six away from taking Ron Ellis’ spot at #4.

Don’t forget, 60 goals. He scored 60 goals while playing 73 games last season. Not even a full season! He holds the record for most goals scored in a single season for the Maple Leafs. He is the first American to score 60 in a season. The first player to score 60 goals in a decade since Steven Stamkos did it in 2012.


Auston Matthews has won two Rocket Richard trophies, one Hart Trophy, one Ted Lindsay trophy, one Calder trophy, and been a finalist for another Hart and two Lady Byngs.

The Votes

He was unanimously number one, anyone who would have voted otherwise was catapulted into Senators fandom.

Auston Matthews Votes

Josh - Smaht Scouting1
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Polak1
Weighted Average1.00
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dhammm: Danger is his middle name.

Brigstew: Yeah, baby.

Hardev: Had a really tough time with this vote, TBH.

TomK421: I love how mad his greatness makes fans of other teams get.

Species: GIF party will now commence.

How many goals will Auston Matthews score this season?