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FTB: Ryan Tverberg is player of the week

Some good news! Finally!

COLLEGE HOCKEY: MAR 19 Hockey East Championship - UMASS v UCONN Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

Scrounging around for some news to share for once, and we have something on one of our 2020 draft prospects!

Ryan Tverberg, forward for the University of Connecticut Huskies and 2020 7th round pick has been named Player of the Week for the Hockey East conference in men’s NCAA Division 1 hockey.

He’s had a great start to this season, with seven goals and four assists in nine games.

Now, some may say it’s reaching to use a seventh round pick getting player of the week in an NCAA conference as good news and you’re right. This stupid Leafs team. But if you are interested in those prospect, Brigs has something for you later today.

In non-Leafs news the Anaheim Ducks have lost Jamie Drysdale until at least March, maybe the season, with a torn labrum.

Who’s getting fired first? I have my bets placed.

If you love arena talk like I do...I’m sorry.

There’s no big news coming out yesterday or last night. Everyone was off trick or treating, just not by my house.

Finally, here’s something to talk about. It’s not good, it’s just something.

Why? WHY?!

Enjoy your day!