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Tuesday FTB: Round 2 starts tonight

Sure. Why not.

Hockey Violence Photo by Richard Lewis/Getty Images

Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

I guess.

I mean the sun's shining, it's nice and warm, the earth still spins.

We think we have it bad with the Leafs, well Mitch Marner is having a worse time.

Marner was robbed of his Range Rover while heading to the movies last night. Everyone's safe, and Marner thankfully had to head to get out and hand over the vehicle.

After that we can use some comedy.


The NHL is having more playoffs? Okay. Sure.

Tonight we have two games.

7:00PM: Tampa Bay Lightning at Florida Panthers.

9:30PM: St. Louis Blues at Colordao Avalanche.

Good for them.

Enjoy your day.

See you later.