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FTB: Mitch Marner on defense because everyone keeps getting injured

If you make over $8 million you should have to play every position.

The Toronto Maple Leafs open their training camp for the 2022-23 season Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans and people who found an odd headline and were all "Say Whaaaaaaat?"

Yes, I'm not lying. The Maple Leafs are looking at getting Mitch Marner time playing defense.

Okay I get it. More forwards more goals right? Plus if you end up in a situation we saw on Wednesday night you have a forward ready to go on defense.

The injuries are piling up this pre-season, with Fraser Minten getting injured and essentially getting cut from camp:

It's a shame the Leafs are losing so many defenders, but hang on, whats this?

Just in time! It's quite the coincidence eh?


Sandin should be here mid next week. He has some visa paperwork to do before he can come to camp.

Hoo boy, we're getting so busy with camp news I regret combining all the time about not having any news.

With some fringe players having a great camp (Malgin) you should get to know the waiver rules.

The Canucks ownership drama continues, and now we’re seeing recent hires leave the team. Connected?

I was at the 32 Thoughts tour last night in Trenton, and it was a fun night. Recorded the podcast, then Paul Coffey came out to tell stories, and a QA where Friedman revealed he has the stick Mike Peca smashed after the Sabres lost the 1999 Stanley Cup Final and I am extremely jealous of that. If you’re going to the Peterborough or Hamilton shows, it’ll be fun.

Also, was he wearing bowling shoes?


Have a good day everyone!