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We'll have a post listing the final vote order as well, but this post is just to recap the top four choices on each list.

Official Vote

The four players at the top of the T25 have a combined 171 games of regular season NHL play.

4 Joe Woll

Ranked between third and eighth, it's clear we're not clear on Woll's future performance.

Top 25 Under 25: Joseph Woll is 4th
The Maple Leafs are historically terrible at drafting and developing their own goalies. Will Woll be a Potvin or a Bibeau?

He finished with a weighted average ranking of 4.8, almost a full point over Conor Timmins, so there was a clear step up to the top four.

3 Nick Robertson

2023 Top 25 Under 25: Nick Robertson is 3rd
Nick Robertson has only played in 31 NHL games and 82 total games in the past three seasons, and the shine is off a former star prospect. Can he stay healthy and learn how to be effective in the NHL, or has his opportunity already slipped by?

Ranked between third and sixth, Robertson finished with 4.5 in average ranking, showing no clear distinction between his spot and Woll's.

2 Timothy Liljegren

2023 Top 25 Under 25: Timothy Liljegren is 2nd
Liljegren is only one of two players eligible for this list who is a regular NHL player, but he’s also young enough that people still think that maybe he can still improve. Come see the debate about how good an NHLer he is, and if he can get better!

Accounting for most of those NHL games played listed above, Liljegren was a unanimous second place choice. His average of two, no weighting required, jumps from the player below by the second highest amount.

1 Matt Knies

2023 Top 25 Under 25: Matt Knies is #1
Rising like a phoenix to take over from that other guy from Arizona, Matt Knies is Toronto’s best young player.

The newest player to the NHL is the unanimous choice as the Leafs best young player.

Community Vote

The Community Vote ended last week with Pontus Holmberg at fifth with a ranking of 7.9. Four players have to get from that number to the top ranking.

4 Nick Robertson

With an average ranking of 6.44, Nick Robertson is closer to the five and below set on the community list than on the official list.

Most people actually ranked him lower that fourth, but with enough votes close behind that to vault him up over Holmberg and Niemelä. The three can be said to be a group fairly evenly ranked on the community list.

3 Joe Woll

The community ranked Woll at 5.04, very close to the average of the official list.

The spread in ranking is similar to the official list, and Woll clearly is the choice above Robertson. Again, note the y-axis of the last two charts.

2 Timothy Liljegren

The average ranking for Timothy Liljegren on this vote is 2.92, which sounds much less unanimous.

A very small number of first-place votes and a tiny tail off to the right of other votes was what it took to move the average off of two.

1 Matt Knies

The main difference between the two lists is that the official vote finishes at a ranking of one, and the community list only gets to 1.9.

Okay, that's pretty close to unanimous, but it is a little surprising that everyone in the top four and some shown last week got first-place votes. But then Auston Matthews was never unanimous on the community vote either.

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