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FTB: Ducks lose a prospect, ICE on the move?

Some news to start a conversation.

Medicine Hat Tigers v Winnipeg Ice Photo by Jonathan Kozub/Getty Images

Good morning everyone. Here are some news stories to start your day.

The WHL Winnipeg ICE (No, I do not know why they want it in capital letters. I guess the team name is the Winnipeg Immigration & Customs Enforcement) moved from Kootenay, BC four years ago into a market that was already home to an NHL team and an AHL team.

I thought it was a terrible idea at the time and still do. Why would you go into an already oversaturated market?

Well, now they're paying that price as they are already falling behind on promises made to the city and league and getting fined for it.

"With still no arena deal in sight – a source confirms the WHL has already fined the franchise half a million dollars for failing to come through on that front – the league’s first-place team appears to be on its last legs in Winnipeg.

Talk throughout the league has the franchise potentially relocating yet again, continuing a history of location changes from its start in Edmonton to Cranbrook, B.C., to Winnipeg."

Anyone want to host a WHL team?

In NHL news the Anaheim Ducks are losing out on 2019 draft pick Henry Thrum, as he won't sign with the team and will go to free agency.

Thrun is coming off a point per game season with Harvard.

Oh hey, the Leafs won last night, eh?

Hardev: “...this is a very nihilistic recap, but what could you possibly expect from a 0-0 game with the quality of play of the Arizona Coyotes?”

The LA Kings signed Maple Leafs / Marlies forward Joey Anderson's brother for eight years.

Finally, Matthew Knies talks to Sportsnet. Enjoy your day!