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FTB: Don't fall for Matthews trade clickbait

Wait. Does this also count?

Toronto Maple Leafs v Detroit Red Wings

Good morning Leafs fans!

We're still over 25 hours away from the next Leafs game and the lack of content is making some people reach for something to talk about but don't fall for it.

Don't click that, do not click that.

The so called "insiders" are a former HockeyBuzz blogger and a homophobic goon whose only claim to fame is braining Tomas Kaberle.

A couple of dummies who needed clicks on their podcast, and said the typical "Matthews won't sign in Toronto so he's getting traded".

Shut up.

First of all, why wouldn't he re-sign. Money? The Leafs have the money. Location? Only place better would be Los Angeles, but does he want to spend his life trapped on the freeway. He won't get paid "Kobe private helicopter" money. He wants to go home? Please. Half the Coyotes cap is fake money. They don't make enough off their Jr B sized arena to afford Pierre Engvall, let alone Matthews.

And why would you trade your best centre on your best window to win a Stanley Cup this century?

Don't give clickbait artists the attention they crave.

Unless it's me.

Now, click these links.

Interesting things happened in the Lightning / Kings game.

Sportsnet looks at the leafs top prospects.

I think he'll be the bees Knies.

.....the Senators?


Spoiler: They take the Leafs forwards.

Have a good day everyone!