It's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. You now know what I'll be watching on TV ever night this week. If you don't like Shark Week, we cannot be friends.
Links after you jump the shark:
Leafs could use a modern day King Clancy

VLM thinks the Leafs need a personality addition to the front office.

Welcome to the party pal!

Jared wants all yo crackas to get rizzeal.

I just 'Blue' myself

Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie!

Who are you?

Mats Sundin's 24-7 decision contemplation video feed

This and more brought to you by Vintage Leafs.

Where players spend there time in the offensive zone

Gabe with some insightful heat maps.

Keeping it open ended when it comes to Kaberle

Yakov Mironov covers all the bases when it comes to the Czech.

Forget the story, check out the awesome banner ad on this page!

Seriously, it's glorious.

No need to make assumptions with Kaberle

What about the rest of the Leafs d-men? is doing a team by team rundown this summer

The Leafs get their turn on August 29th.

Sleza got bored, so she translated a Swedish story about the Monster.

When is 13 < 5 ?

When somebody ranks the value of cup wins. Lame.

Leafs game by game scoring chances

Slava Duris with a thorough rundown of all the quality chances for the Leafs.