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When Will Randy Carlyle Get Fired? Take a Guess!

Rumblings are afoot that if the Leafs don't immediately put the skids on this losing streak, head coach Randy Carlyle will be shown the door. Do you think that'll happen? If so, then participate in our Randy Carlyle Pink Slip Guessing Game! Follow the link and give us your guess.

NHL Postpones Tonight's Leafs-Senators Game

In the wake of the tragic and ongoing events in Ottawa, the NHL has wisely chosen to postpone tonight's scheduled game at the Canadian Tire Centre between the Leafs and the Senators. No make-up date has yet been announced.

Three-on-three All-Star Game is the NHL's best idea in years

If you wanna see 3-on-3 hockey at the 2016 All-Star Game, gimme a "HELL YEAH!"

Leafs* at Sens* Pre-Season Game Thread - September 21, 2015

It'll be just like WrestleMania 2, only with less wrestling and more hockey.

Sens* at Leafs* Pre-Season Game Thread - September 21, 2015

It'll be just like WrestleMania 2, only with less wrestling and more hockey.

Red Deck Wins: The future hockey analytics driven metagame

The world of competitive Magic: The Gathering is governed by the Metagame. What is the Metagame and what does a card game have to do with hockey? Read on and I'll explain. Fair warning though, it's about to get very nerdy.

How much better do they need to be?

In the days following Phil Kessel's comments about the media unjustly harping on the play of Dion Phaneuf, the media has also unjustly harped on the play of Phil Kessel. Let me tell you why it's all bullshit.

Where Were You When Clarkson Was Traded?

Thanks to instagram, I'll forever remember where I was when Clarkson got the boot.

The Death of a Terrible Dream

I went on a Twitter<a href=""> rant </a>and thought it best to make it a post.

Back to the System That Worked*!

Leafs aren&#39;t winning under head coach Peter Horachek. This is unacceptable to stupid people.

A Toast to Brendan Shanahan

Let&#39;s begin the Post-Randy Carlyle Era by crowning a prognosticating champion

Desert Dogs Dump Daple Deafs

Alliteration is the mad bomb yo.

Please No Blackface

Seriously, don't wear blackface. Links to come

Relegate Buffalo

Seriously, Buffalo is just embarrassing. They're nowhere close to being an NHL caliber hockey team. They are, without a doubt, the worst non-expansion hockey team ever. And frankly, I'm not sure they aren't worse than the 74-75 Washington Capitals. Links Steve Dangle Podcast First

When Will Randy Carlyle Get Fired? Take a Guess!

Try your luck at predicting the future!

Dumb Waivers and Dumber Call Ups

Links for your morning

Richard Peddie Edition

Links for a Wednesday morning.

Mike Illitch is a Crook

Morning Links!

Leafs Win a Game

Game Recaps VLM Links To the Jersey Tosser It was a Clarkson jersey. Too good. Leafs Prospect Updates How the kids are doing... LFR: Game Two Dangle is not too pleased. Marlies Close Weekend with OT Win Good for them.

Hockey's Back Baby

Links Restructured Management Impacting the Leafs Yeah, it's almost like they're being asked to make smart decisions for once. Why Phil Kessel is the Best Leafs Winger of our Lifetime Because Jeffler is like 12 years old? 2014-15 Season Preview Maple Leafs Player Projections at the

Last of the Pre-Season

Links Leafs Roster Preview: Morgan Rielly That boy good. Leafs Trying to Trade Ashton as Lineup Take Shape Oh joy. The Steve Dangle Podcast This one is titled "Blueberry Muffin". 2014-15 Season Preview: The Contenders The Rangers and Penguins? Really?

Rejected Contracts

Links What to Expect: Stephane Robidas Lots of time spent on the IR probably. Leafs Roster Preview: Roman Polak The Leafs retained salary in the trade. Retained it! DGB's Season Preview: The Middle of the Pack Looking at the so-so teams. Oilers Sign Tkachev to an Entry Level

Almost Done with the Meaningless Games

Links Little Brother, Big Dreams This is the longest thing ever written about Blake Kessel. Unsheathed Sabres Puck Buddys reviews Friday's pre-season game. 2014-15 Fantasy Hockey Draft Kit All you need to know to dominate the competition or something. 10 Leafs Moments as VLM Hit 5-Year Mark Head
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