It's always hard to be the new guy. I had to leave Boston though, all that black was doing nothing for my complexion. Still, you'd have thought the guys would make more of an effort to make me feel a part of it. They never pass to me, except for one time when Luke threw me a centre - I felt a strange twinge in my tummy when it happened, but that was probably nothing.

Last practice was the worst. I know Jason is the daddy around these parts (he uses Matt as a foot stool. Can you imagine? Our first line centre?) But would it kill him to involve me in the play? So I skated over and said, "Hey, JB. I'm open here - taking up great positions, but you never pass! What gives?" He regarded me coolly, "Don't you understand, Phillip? That's what Mr Burke pays you all that money for. To be open for me - wide open." He touched my hand. Even through two layers of CCM VO6 glove, my heart was on fire. He knew I was there; he was just biding his time.

He skated off a short distance and fired a puck at me. It hit Vesa in the face, but that didn't matter - Vesa wasn't going to say anything. That was when I knew everything was going to be just fine. Alexei mentioned something about some nice boys from Detroit coming to the club later on - perhaps tonight will be the tonight I break on through?

Anything missed goes in the comments - you know it makes sense, my little Chickadees!