Although it has not been officially announced yet, Darren Dreger reports that Alexander Kerfoot will have a hearing (assumed to be a phone hearing) for his hit on Erik Johnson on November 23, 2019 that was assessed at the time as a two-minute minor.

The hit came as the Maple Leafs were in Denver, marking Kerfoot’s first visit to his old team. The Avalanche players, most notably Johnson, were not happy that the penalty was only a minor. Watching the hit, it doesn’t look like an intent to injure play, more like a careless, risky play, that was saved from being truly terrible by Johnson knowing how to fall.

The maximum suspension under a phone hearing is five games, and there is an option to levy a fine or to take no action. Player Safety has full discretion.

So far this season, they have issued five suspensions for on-ice behaviour, all for two or three games, for infractions that range from spitting to physical abuse of officials. The only boarding suspension went to Adam Lowry and was for two games.

There have been four fines issued this season (this is not the same thing as the salary forfeited under the suspension rules), and the maximum fine is 50% of one day’s salary. Two of the four fines issued were for the maximum allowed.

The results of the hearing will be available within hours of it occurring, which will likely be Monday or Tuesday.


Johnson left the game early, just as the goalie was pulled late in the third period.