... So did Sportsnet just decide to mentally take a vacation in lieu of the All-Star Break a little early, or what?

The above Sportsnet screencap, brought to us by Reddit user /u/GreatName, is baffling for so, so, so many reasons.

First off: asking who has been the best forward on the Maple Leafs this season, and posing it as a question between Nazem Kadri and William Nylander, makes no sense. Kadri is on the Leafs, yes; Nylander is on the Marlies, so he can't even be eligible as an answer. (And how's he at 37% there? He has literally never played a game for the Leafs.)

And all of that is without going into the other candidates. You know, like James van Riemsdyk, who was doing pretty well prior to his injury. Or, you know, current leading scorer and All-Star Leo Komarov. But okay...

Second: that's an Alexander Nylander highlight they were showing. As in William's brother. As in not William Nylander. Alexander plays for the Mississauga Steelheads. He's playing for them in that screencap. So again: not a Leafs forward. Or even Leafs properly, considering this is his draft year, and there's no guarantee he follows his brother to Toronto at all.

... But it would be nice, wouldn't it? And then you could just say "Nylander" and nobody would question the highlight you pull up.

Though it would probably be a few years until both were actually playing for the Leafs, which just brings us right back to the original problem: what was Sportsnet doing, anyway?

Should the Leafs just draft Alexander Nylander to avoid confusion in the future?

Please. Pretty, pretty please.105
Wouldn't that just make things more confusing?171
The Leafs need two Nylanders, so yes. Yes.503