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Zach Hyman, William Nylander, Leo Komarov show up with the same jacket

A bunch of Leafs all wearing the same thing again?

Auston Matthews becomes second Leafs teenager ever to score 50 points in a season

He’s en route to becoming the highest-scoring teenager ever for the Leafs in a season. If he keeps up the pace.

Connor Carrick was sure to celebrate his dog’s birthday

It’s something all good people do, and Carrick is good people.

Nazem Kadri named NHL’s second star of the week

Six points in four games will do it.

‘They could both be driven’: Matthews, Eichel’s former coach from US U-18 team

They played together for a bit in the 2013-14 season.

Maybe the Leafs should try taking Nazem Kadri’s cat on the road

She wants to go, and you can’t argue with a cat.

It was all rookies for the Toronto Maple Leafs

When’s the last time five different rookies scored in one game? Like, 1984.

Connor Carrick played his 100th NHL game, is thankful

Also, he doesn’t have a bowl cut.

William Nylander’s hat trick marks two Leafs rookie hat tricks this season

This is the first time that’s happened in 90 years.

Here’s Leo Komarov making a three point shot

In basketball, not hockey. That’s not a thing in hockey.

Joseph Woll named Hockey East’s Rookie of the Week

Brick Woll is living up to his name.

The Leafs remind us just why Auston Matthews is an All-Star

Or: an excuse to watch Matthews highlights again.

Meanwhile, here’s what Leo Komarov is up to

“Hey big boy, what’s up?”

Frederik Andersen enjoying his first ever back-to-back shutouts

Of course, it goes without saying: knock on wood.

Looks like Leo Komarov had a great 30th birthday

Any time you get giant balloons is a good time.

Nazem Kadri has Selke aspirations, and he’s right to

Swipe right for Malkin, left for Crosby.

Nazem Kadri’s 100th goal marks a rarity for Leafs draft picks

He’s the fourth Leafs pick since 1988 to score 100 goals for Toronto.

Connor Carrick has a new practice partner

Gotta refine that stickhandling.

Nazem Kadri’s cat has an Instagram

The Leafs have the best cats in the league.

Matt Martin, Leo Komarov compete in various trick shot challenges

“Buddy, you’re the worst player I’ve ever seen.”

Curtis McElhinney is a king among journeyman goalies

He’s won with six different teams now - tied for the most active in the NHL.

Henrik Lundqvist: ‘You could tell [William Nylander] had talent’

They used to play street hockey together when Michael Nylander was with the Rangers!

Can the Leafs fight the odds and make the playoffs?


Let’s check in with the Maple Leafs on vacation

They’re still Instagramming, so we know they’re okay.
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