As you may have heard, William Nylander scored a hat trick.

As you may also have heard, the Toronto Maple Leafs have quite the good rookies on hand this season. Three of the top four rookie scorers in the NHL right now are on their team, after all.

Nylander may be a bit less heralded than Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner as of late - he does have 10 fewer points than Marner - but hey, hat trick.

Hey - Matthews had a hat trick this season, too! And speaking of Leafs rookies and hat tricks, via the Elias Sports Bureau:

The only other season in franchise history in which two different rookies registered hat tricks for the club was 1926–27, when Ace Bailey and Bill Carson each had a three-goal game for a team then known as the Toronto St. Patricks. Their nickname was changed to the Maple Leafs later that season, after the franchise was sold to a group led by Conn Smythe.

That was 90 years ago, guys. Matthews and now Nylander have replicated something that happened before the Leafs were even actually the Leafs. That’s nuts.

Mitch Marner, meanwhile, has had just one multi-goal game this season - two in a victory over the Sabres back on Nov. 3. (Though he’s already had three three-assist games, too.) Come on, Marner - you’re up now, right? You may already be leading the NHL in rookie scoring, but come on... get a hatty, it would be so sweet.