We’ve been all about cats here at PPP for a bit. And can you blame us? Not only is there Tempelton and Mr. Samuelson, but now Nazem Kadri’s cat, Jazzy, has her own Instagram.

Look at her play hockey!!

Goalie interference ? 🚨

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But there may be one thing better than your faithful companion playing hockey, and that’s helping you practice. And no offence to cats - seriously, cats are great - but they probably aren’t the ideal pet for helping you out.

You know what is, though?


Specifically, Connor Carrick’s dog.

Gotta play the angles

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They go through a lot there! That’s some fantastic stick work by Carrick; meanwhile, his extremely lucky dog gets use of the bed, which is a pretty sweet deal.

Especially considering there’s no ball for the poor pupper for a while - though great patience is exhibited - but in the end, gets very much rewarded for doing such a good job helping out.

And being adorable. That’s probably got to count for a ton, too!

Meanwhile, Carrick’s skills aren’t so bad themselves. These two make a great team.