What better way to spend a windy day that by hanging out outside, shooting pucks at cars?

That’s pretty much what Matt Martin and Leo Komarov did, as the Leafs veterans got together to participate in the Ford Trick Shot Challenge. (As you can guess, Ford vehicles were heavily involved.)

First, I just want to say: Komarov wins for that furry hood alone. Komarov’s hood is the MVP.

The first challenge involves one of them driving around in a truck shooting tennis balls for the other to tip in; this, of course, lends itself to a lot of chirping, though Martin ultimately proves to be the better at it. (Who’d have thought, eh?)

The second challenge is a pretty standard distance target one, which Komarov takes (and his celebrations are the best, right behind his hood. He lost his gloves!). The third - and final - challenge was a moving target one, and... one that saw Martin take it.

... Matt Martin for the All-Star Game?

Either way, though, it’s awesome to see these guys having such a blast with these challenges. They’re professional athletes, so of course they’re competitive by nature - and it’s great to see those levels of competition extend even into the fun times.

Plus, both the celebrations and sportsmanship are off the charts. And a great time was had by all.