The Toronto Maple Leafs are on their bye week. This is very sad for us, but not for them.

Actually, it’s not all that sad for us; not when they keep sharing with us exactly what they’re up to. For example, we all know that Auston Matthews and Josh Leivo are hanging out on a boat:


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Apparently, though, Matthews might be a little salty about not hanging out with the rest of the boys?

Boys week 🌴

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On which Matthews commented:

auston_matthews Can't be a boys week when all your girlfriends are behind the camera taking the pic

Dang dude, go have fun with Leivo. Mitch Marner, Matt Martin, and Connor Carrick have the most fire mixtape of 2017 to drop.

🐢💽Mixtape dropping soon.

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Dab on em 🐢🐬🐠 @marner_93 @connorcarrick

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Hey wait...

🎣trophy fishing

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If that’s Leivo with Connor Brown, Frederik Andersen, and Morgan Rielly, then where’s Matthews?? Explain.

I am taking this from the FtB comments so we can record all of these in one place, for posterity.

My god.

Anyway, to conclude, Willian Nylander is living the dream.