Leo Komarov is, as it would turn out, a multi-sport athlete.

... Maybe. He’s not perfect, but damn if he doesn’t get the job done when he calls for it.

Case in point: some of the Leafs playing basketball, and Komarov nailing it on his last shot (even as his teammates admonish him right before it - though Jake Gardiner would soon realize his own mistake in not believing in him).

Don't bet against Leo in basketball! #hesagoodthrower

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The best part, other than Komarov actually making it? (And Morgan Rielly being super helpful?) The celebration at the end, like he just scored a big goal.

You gotta love it - Komarov’s prowess at multiple sports is a thing to behold. Besides, all this positivity - even if it is just on the court - is nothing but awesome.