Leo Komarov is officially an old man: he’s 30 years old.

Well, he has been since Jan. 23 - and what a good day for the Leafs that was - but shh, we’re catching up on all the non-cat news around here.

Uncle Leo has joined four other Leafs in hitting the big 3-0. He, along with Curtis McElhinney (33), Matt Hunwick (31), Roman Polak (30), and Tyler Bozak (30) are the old men on this team.

What a group, eh? Next up would be James van Riemsdyk and Matt Martin, born four days apart, but that’s still a little over two years from now - and that’s assuming nobody gets traded, or no other old men get signed, or what have you.

This team is young.

Anyway, to celebrate, from the man himself here’s baby Komarov, a really good-looking cake that’s surely all gone by now, and those aforementioned giant balloons.

That’s as good a way to turn 30 as any.