It took Auston Matthews 59 games to hit the 50-point mark.

Well, it’s not like he stopped there; he now sits at 52, which is second in the NHL in rookie scoring, one of just two to have crossed the 50 point mark. (I think we all know who the other guy to cross that line is.)

And it’s not like Matthews will be alone, either; Mitch Marner is two points away from hitting 50. William Nylander is eight away.

It’s a trio of Maple Leafs rookies looking to make history - but it’s Matthews who has gotten there first, with only Ted Kennedy beating him to it over half a century ago.

That is... beyond outstanding.

Matthews continues to lead the Leafs in points. He’s tied for 18th league-wide in scoring in general.

But tackling a 72-year-old record and being two points away from breaking it down even further (Kennedy’s 19-year-old season topped out at 54 points)? Being on pace for a 72 point season? In your first year?

Eat your heart out, longstanding Leafs records.