Bet you didn’t even know there was a trade yesterday.  This amazing deal sends a guy who surely played in the WHL to the Montréal Canadiens (St. John’s, really) for the son of Ulf Samuelsson.  Young Philip has been a traveling man in hockey, and now he’s headed to his fourth team, the Charlotte Checkers, affiliate of the Carolina Hurricanes and the team his father coaches.

There might be worse things that playing for your dad in the AHL.  Likely a lot of them actually; he used to be in the Coyotes system.

Keegan Lowe, who totally did play in the WHL, is it turns out, the son of Kevin Lowe, currently trying to run the Oilers from the office they moved him into when they gave his job to Peter Chiarelli.  Rumour has it the phone in that office just connects to a bot programmed to talk hockey by word association.

Keegan, at least, isn’t yet playing for his father.

If that isn’t the most boring trade in the history of hockey, I don’t know what is.  It might be a cautionary tale about drafting famous names.  Lowe was a third rounder, and Samuelsson a second.

To cap off that tedium, TSN brought out their new Trade Bait List, and there are no Leafs on it. None.  The most exciting addition to the list is David Desharnais.

On a day when the Leafs petulantly waiving Brooks Laich outdoes the trade news, you have to wonder if the rest of the week will be this bad.

Maybe Kyle Dubas will go to another random game, and we can have that excitement for a while.