Nazem Kadri is currently riding a four-game point streak. Those games all came in the last week, so it’s only fitting that said week - one in which he scored four goals and six points in four games - gets him second star of the week honours.

This past week is especially notable, as those four goals Kadri scored were the start of a new career high. His previous was in the 2013-14 season, when he finished off with 20 goals; Kadri entered this past week with 20 and dwarfed it instantly. (He’s currently on pace for 34.)

Kadri also now sits at 46 points this season. That’s not a career high - in 2013-14 he scored 50 - but considering just how much of the season is left and how well Kadri has been doing, it’s not unreasonable to assume he’ll pass that marker, too. (He’s on pace for 65.)

More weeks like his latest would certainly help him get there sooner - but in the meantime, congrats to Kadri on a fantastic week, and here’s to more wins coming from his play.