And so I face, the final curtain.

Well gang, that's it for 2009.  Say good bye to the first decade of the century while you're at it.  I've no idea what 2010 and beyond holds for the Leafs, but I can't be the only one who is glad to see this year, or even the decade, come to an end.

Sure we've had good times.  We've seen players achieve incredible feats, make cross crease pass like we don't believe and we even got to see a glimpse of the future.  Plus, who can forget this gem?  Go ahead and click that one again.  I love Ron Wilson...

Unfortunately, we've also seen our share of moments that make us cringe in disbelief or maybe just leave us in the fetal position.  Moving on...

Join me after the jump for more links, hyjinks, a round of drinks and an announcement methinks.

As Sid (by way of Ol' Blue Eyes) says, he did it his way, and I've always tried to do it mine. Regrets, I've had a few, but too few to mention (except for that one.)

So, not only am I bidding adieu to 2009, I'm vacating the weekday FTB anchor chair.  I'll still be around, annoying you with my minimal hockey sense and general apathy towards your opinion, I just won't be using the FTB for it.

Life has gotten a little chaotic for me in California, but it's all in a good way. I decided that I wasn't giving this opportunity the attention it (and you all) deserved.  Rather than give a half-assed effort, I thought it best if PPP and Chemmy found someone with a whole ass to give, as I've given mine to something else.

I've no idea what the plan is going forward, I just know I can't wait to see who picks up the FTB mantel, and more importantly, read their opinions on the stories making the rounds in the Barilkosphere.  And of course, as always, to read what everyone else thinks of them.

Have a fantastic New Years Eve.  Be safe, and enjoy it with loved ones.


One last time, here are your morning links, with love from blurr...

If 2009 were a candy it would be

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