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Tonight at 8 p.m. the NHL holds the draft lottery! Why now? I have no idea. Maybe so the bad teams can sleep better at night? Maybe so the world’s longest trade speculation period can begin. Whatever the thinking, the complex lottery is tonight.

Yesterday Bob McKenzie explained the process they will use in this broadcast.

That’s clear, right?

Okay, enough about that, you can read some information about the odds here:

Can the Leafs win the Draft Lottery?

And I will hurry to update this post with the actual results as they come in, which won’t take very long. But in the meantime, answer this poll:

What’s the Leafiest result?

Bad teams win all 3 lotteries, the Leafs lose to Columbus and get pick 11 (which they have to give to Carolina)11
Ottawa ends up with one and two. 4
Buffalo gets 1OA.0
Detroit picks third and by this time next year, we realize they have the best player.1
All three lotteries are won by the alpha-designated spots for qualifying losers, and the Leafs beat Columbus.2
Carolina uses the Leafs pick late in the first round, and the player becomes a bigger star than Aho.8
The Leafs beat Columbus but Columbus gets a top-three pick. Between these two events, Columbus gets renamed to Flavortown.2
Alpha Team wins all lotteries, Leafs lose to Columbus, Leafs have the best odds going into the last ball pulls for each lottery and still lose all three.3
Something something Dave Ayres1
The Leafs lose to CBJ, win a lottery pick, but the season gets cancelled before the Cup is awarded, and the lottery is redone; the Leafs get pick 11, and Carolina use it to draft a future Hall of Famer.17
All of these answers upset me.42

The 8th pick goes to: Buffalo is eight. OMG you hate to see it.

This means one someday to be loser of the qualifying round has won a lottery.

7th: New Jersey

6th: Anaheim

5th: Ottawa LOLOLOL

4th: Detroit LIFE IS GOOD

3rd: Ottawa THERE IS A GOD

2nd: LA

1st: The Loser of the Qualifying Round who wins the second Lottery. Holy Crap.