The thing about rookie of the year awards is they're one-shot deals. You really only get one chance at being a rookie - and while there may be good crops all around, only one of them will be recognized as having the best inaugural year of his class.

So it's a tight, one-off battle. And Auston Matthews will likely be in the conversation for the NHL's Calder Trophy throughout the 2016-17 season; that's just a thing first overall picks do. (Unless they're drafted by the Edmonton Oilers, that is.)

In preparation for his Calder bid, Matthews has already won a Rookie of the Year title.

"Youngster of the Year." I love this. Petition to change "rookie" to "youngster" in North American sports nomenclature.

Matthews raised some eyebrows by opting to play in the National League A - the top-tier league in Switzerland - for his draft year, rather than the typical route of the CHL (or even NCAA). It's paid off, though: he was the first overall pick in the 2016 NHL Draft, and he was named the top rookie in a professional league.

Matthews scored 24 goals and 46 points through 36 games in his season for Zurich. A preview of what's to come, perhaps?