My apologies for the late FTB. There was a major disaster at the Kitten Ranch this morning, and I had to deal with that.

If anyone knows where I can quickly obtain 25 metric tonnes of kitty litter, let me know in the comments.

In a completely unrelated request, if you aware of a place I can dispose of 25 metric tonnes of kitty litter contaminated with radioactive Muscovium, please let me know in the comments.

Links will be coming shortly are here!

Leafs Are The Most Exciting Team In The NHL - EiL
Proved with science!

Marlies recap - MLHS
The Marlies had a great road trip, capped off with back to back wins against the IceCaps.

NHL brass still leaning against Olympic shutdown in 2018 - AP
The league's owners are still leaning against allowing the world's top hockey players to participate in the Olympics next year, NHL deputy  commissioner Bill Daly said Saturday.

Bettman on Barclays: Isles owners committed but exploring options - Lighthouse Hockey
“Nothing new but still something. The story of our lives.”

John Tavares “excited about where the Islanders are headed “- Sportsnet

Iginla snubbed in 100 greatest players list - M&G
Should Iggy have been on the list?

Dangle is boycotting the All-Star Game. Or maybe not.

Meanwhile, here’s what Leo Komarov has been up to.