Over the past decade Maple Leafs fans have written some song parodies about the state of the Maple Leafs.

Steve Ryan took A Great Big World’s “Say Something” and made it into “Do Something”. Which made me very sad.

Andrew Damelin made Gotye’s “Somebody I used to Know” into “A Franchise I used to Know”, even taking the time to copy the music video’s body paint techniques.

Many songs inspired Leafs fans to turn their frustration with the franchise into music, but now the excitement of the changes the team have made, the new players, are inspiring artists to create their own original music about the team from the Centre of the Hockey Universe™.

Ottawa based artists SVDVM, Xuave, & Black Irish teamed up to celebrate the Maple Leafs newest superstar with their new video for “Auston Matthews”.

Auston Matthews is so good he’s not only taken ownership of the Canadian Tire Centre, he’s taking over the Ottawa’s music scene as well.

The song is fun, and it’s fantastic to see the start of a new era of Maple Leafs based music.

I just wish they made it more clear that the song is about Auston Matthews.

You can check out SVDVM, XUAVE, and Black Irish’s other tracks on their SoundCloud pages linked in their names.