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The NHL needs to address rape culture

"In light of the ongoing investigation involving Patrick Kane, he will no longer be a spokesperson for the launch of EA SPORTS NHL 16. He will not appear on the EA SPORTS NHL 16 cover nor participate in other EA SPORTS NHL 16 promotional activities."

How the Kings alienated victims of abuse with a business move

The Los Angeles Kings should have thought it through a couple more times before they terminated Mike Richards' contract due to possession over a defenseman who will serve time for spousal abuse.

Why professional sports mask reality so well

The world of professional sport is coated in sugar. It's an escape for many people to turn on the game and relax, but the game we escape to contains just as many realities as our lives. Leagues don't have much to run from, we coax ourselves into accepting harsh realities.

Why the Leafs' decision on Kessel will tip their hand

The Toronto Maple Leafs are facing a decision that will either drive their franchise off a cliff or maintain mediocrity through a rebuild. Choosing between the lesser of two evils is what will ultimately show which path management is set on for the future.

Why I left the industry I thought I loved for a blog

After working in sports media for 18 months, the reality of the industry struck me hard. Women are not treated equal for the most part and change is too slow to come.

Why the Maple Leafs hit the jackpot with Babcock

The Maple Leafs made a potentially franchise-changing move last week by hiring the NHL's most forward thinker behind the bench.

Why MLSE's handling of FHRITP fell flat

On Mother's Day, CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt fell victim to a cruel joke from a group of men who decided to sexually harass her on live television. The aftermath left MLSE scrambling and what they came up with wasn't quite good enough.

Why Gary Bettman's stance on offensive chants is infuriating

The NHL's commissioner, Gary Bettman, made some foolish remarks about a sexist chant in Winnipeg from last week. Instead of admitting the chant was derogatory, he likened the incident to heckling a goaltender for being a "sieve." What he didn't realize was how alienated he made fem

Investigating where the Canucks-Leafs rivalry stems from

After moving out West all by my lonesome, I've encountered many Vancouver Canucks fans who despise Toronto and the Maple Leafs. This was baffling to me and I tried to find out why.

The Leafs can't win or lose properly, and it's not their fault

The Toronto Maple Leafs will finish their season with no less than 67 points. 2015 has not been kind to the team, but the organization's track record is showing a severe lack of commitment to its future.

How the Maple Leafs are stifling Nazem Kadri's development

The Toronto Maple Leafs continue to make Nazem Kadri wait in the wings for his chance to be the player they drafted. President Brendan Shanahan recently called out the forward publicly and benched him for three games. If the Leafs are looking for development from Kadri, they're doing a good job

Why Morgan Rielly's Comment Will Always Be A Big Deal

Last week Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Morgan Rielly made a comment to the media likening the Leafs' losing streak to acting like girls. Outrage rightfully ensued on twitter, but the comment shed light on a much bigger issue.

How The Jets Failed Evander Kane And Why It'll Happen Again

Evander Kane and the Winnipeg Jets have played cat and mouse for the better part of his young and promising career. His name appears on the trading block at the deadline every year and rumours of his unhappiness in Winnipeg have been all but confirmed by Kane. This breakdown isn't his fault, it&

Sportsnet Strikes Out Again With Blundell Hire

The NHL's primary television rights holders hired a shock-jock radio host who is known for homophobic comments and insensitive, offensive remarks. Dean Blundell will join Sportsnet 590 theFan in March and it's a huge mistake.

The Maple Leafs Can't Seem To Move On

The Maple Leafs continually show promise each season and follow it up with baffling play with ultimately disappointing results. Is it really on the players or should management be held responsible for the bulk of the letdown?

Change Is Inevitable, The Leafs Just Don't Know It Yet

Not everyone is good with change. It makes us nervous, scared, anxious, but it also leads to some of the greatest opportunities of our lives. The Maple Leafs could use some of it.

Status And Privilege Continue To Dictate ACC Crowds

The atmosphere at the ACC is one of privilege and status. As long as it stays that way, the games will be expensive and the true fans of the team will continue to be shut out.

Women Who Speak Honestly Will Change The Industry

As more women come forward with proof of inappropriate behaviour and harassment from men in the hockey writing community, this signals the beginning of an uprising which took too long to come about.

Honesty Wouldn't Be Such A Bad Thing In Toronto

Honesty is the best policy, unless you're a professional athlete.

The Least Of The Leafs' Worries Is Compete Level

The Toronto Maple Leafs are exactly what we think they are: an average NHL team lead by a coach that thinks the solution to all their problems lies with the team competing harder.

Why Women Struggle To Find A Place In Sports Media

Issues of workplace harassment and abuse have been in the forefront of Canadian media lately. While stories continue to pour in, one thing remains constant: women are not given the equal respect they deserve.

Two Weeks To Forget For The Maple Leafs

A suspension took Carter Ashton away from the Leafs for 20 games, Winnik and Gardiner went down with injury in the same game and Lupul is still unlucky.

Why We Push Away And Lean On Sports During Tragedy

The recent loss of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Cpl. Nathan Cirillo put into perspective the time and care we put into loving our own teams. In a time of tragedy, we push away these trivial obsessions and soon look to them to help us through.

NHL Takes A Step Forward With Voynov Suspension

Everyone watched as the NFL tried to cover up a domestic abuse case. The NHL was watching too, and they seem to have learned acting quickly is better than sweeping things under the rug and waiting for the case to play out.

Maple Leafs Give In To A Skilled Fourth Line

For many years Randy Carlyle has paraded his enforcers out instead of inserting skill into his lineup. They aren't around this season and utilizing a skilled fourth line can't hurt them.
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