Kim Jorn

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Cox Bloc Presents: Godd Till's Time Machine - Transmission #8

This is a podcast about 1978 yo.

Godd Till's Time Machine: Transmission #7 - From the Vaults

Godd and the Gang discover a bizarre artifact while travelling through time: a lost episode of Godd Till's Time Machine!

Godd Till's Time Machine: Transmission # 6 - 1990

Godd Till and his merry men introduce fruit-flavoured malt liquor to the good people of 1990.

Dion Phaneuf Suspended For Two Games For Hit From Behind

The NHL has suspended Dion Phaneuf for two games. He will miss the games against St. Louis and Los Angeles.

Godd Till's Time Machine - The Screwjob Truther

A wise man once told Jay Z not to argue with fools, because from a distance you can't tell who is who. We should have taken Hova's advice.

Godd Till's Time Machine - Transmission # 3

Godd's time bandits go looking for something to do in 2002

Cox Bloc Presents – Almost Entitled

An Examination Of The True Cost Of Hockey Fandom And Why Leafs Fans Deserve An Apology Sports fandom has become cavalier and fickle. The reasons are many: teams move from town to town, causing a growing reluctance among many fans to get too attached to the home team; the internet

Cox Bloc Presents: No We Can’t!

Let’s travel back to November 2008. The realization is beginning to set in for most of us that a bunch of Greedheads in lower Manhattan have flushed the world economy into the Hudson River. A school collapse in Haiti kills nearly 100 children, while an accident aboard a Russian
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