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Leafs draft Nazem Kadri

After failing to trade up, Brian Burke and the Leafs have selected Nazem Kadri with the #7 overall pick. He was only ranked 15 in NA by Central Scouting, but most other lists had him in the top ten. The Hockey News and Bob McKenzie both had him ranked #8.

The Affirmative View: Decisions have been made the die has been cast

Editor's Note: Since it looks like this Burke thing is as good as done why not take a look at where each side stands. For the affirmative I present DGB of Down Goes Brown fame who will outline exactly why the Brian Burke hiring should be a slam

10 Random Leafs predictions

We are just over a day away from the beginning of the season so it's time to make predictions for the upcoming season. Throughout the day we'll have a number of previews. I present to you the ray of sunshine in the overcast world that is
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