Steve Dangle

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Leafs 4 - Flames 1: LFR8 - Jonny Goalie

Lovin' the Leafs and tired of the Flames!

Leafs 6 vs Bruins 1: LFR8 - Bruin Beatdown

YYYEEEAAAAAAAHAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How refreshing what that?!?!?

Maple Leafs 5 at Senators 3: LFR8 Good Things Grow

Good things gro-o-ow in Ontario! For the Leafs, it's the little things.

Leafs 2 at Coyotes 3: LFR8 - Half Moon

After a very happy Steve Dangle video we have a very grr and arg Steve Dangle video.

LFR8 - Game 4 - The Philash - Col 2, Tor 3 (OT)

The Philash triumphs over the Everberg!Also - LET THEM FIGHT!


I'M BACK!!! New season, new look, same mental instability.The Leafs lost but here's why that's OK.

Hockey Eve: A 2014-15 Season Preview

We're on the brink of having our beloved hockey back and Steve is here to tell use what's going to happen. Please bet accordingly.

Hockey Wars: The Blogosphere vs The Mainstream Media

Steve Dangle: Peacemaker and overall swell gent.
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