In our latest episode of Back to Excited, Arvind and Fulemin discuss the choices the Leafs made, the state of the team, what success means for this squad, and more.  We also took time out to laugh at Vancouver and Edmonton and to try learning from their mistakes.

  • The Leafs trade deadline and acquisition of Tomas Plekanec [2:50]
  • Should the Leafs have sold James van Riemsdyk [7:30]
  • Does it make sense to ‘time your contention’ [12:30]
  • What exactly are Rinat Valiev and Kerby Rychel [16:40]
  • What constitutes success for this year’s Maple Leafs [20:53]
  • Are the Leafs at the point where they need to jump on the next good RHD upgrade [26:58]
  • Our opinions on Boston’s and Tampa Bay’s deadline moves [32:30]
  • Making fun of Edmonton’s and Vancouver’s terrible decisions [37:38]. This is literally the rest of the podcast./

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