Ten days ago on Saturday May 13th I threw together an FTB just like this one. As I am doing right now, I wrote it up early that morning because I am one of those weird morning people that wakes up around 6:00 a.m.; but more relevantly, that was the morning after the Leafs were eliminated from the playoffs by the Panthers, and in that FTB my lede was a simple sentence:

It's over for the Maple Leafs, and perhaps for the team in any way close to what it resembles as of today.

And, wow. Sitting here this morning it's striking how quickly that process was set in motion with all the rumours of further changes to come in the very near future.

If you were out enjoying the long weekend and ignoring hockey, here's all of our latest coverage on Kyle Dubas being fired and what might be coming next:

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Brad Treliving seems to be the only candidate for the job of Leafs GM because he quit his last one. Who exactly is Treliving and is he better than all the rest because he still knows the fax number of the NHL offices?

So here we are, stuck with the waiting game again, but this time with far more unknowns with the job of General Manager sitting wide open. We know they have to act fast and make decisions soon; the NHL Combine is in two weeks, the draft is in five weeks, and free agency opens two days later, plus Qualifying Offers to players are due right in the middle of those days. Whoever is put in charge, it will need to be soon and they will have a lot of work to do really fast.

Other News

The Panthers scored one goal last night which was enough to win their game. They are now up 3-0 in the series and the Hurricanes face down elimination tomorrow night.

Meanwhile, the Golden Knights sit 2-0 above the Stars in their series and will play their game #3 tonight.

The NHL Players Association will have some face time with the League soon about the business situation of the Arizona Coyotes which has deteriorated rapidly in the past week after their new arena plan was scuttled by the voters of Tempe.

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