Shhhhh. Just don't, ok? We're just gonna keep on like we do and we aren't going to say anything. We aren't going to do anything that could potentially tarnish our shining gem at the moment. We will observe and bask in the warm glow of the light. Are you cool? I'm cool.

Happy Friday, everyone! The Leafs are taking on the Rangers. Whatever will Sean Avery be up to with Colton Orr on the prowl?

Dance break after the jump! With bonus link of the day.

Fun link of the day: A Comprehensive Glossary of Gifs.

I was called into work. A princess will be in to tend to your threadly needs. Obey Karina. And remember to keep it cute or put it on mute. But you have nothing to do other than be adorable, right?

SPG IS BACK. Sorry, I've been forgetting to remind you. Its back so make your picks.