Bob McKenzie’s finalized draft list is out today, and we can start shopping.

The Leafs have a first-round pick for this year’s draft, and it is the 25th overall. That section of the first round is an area full of higher risk and more uncertainty than the top 10 to 15 places, and there won’t be much consensus on who the best player at that spot will be on draft day.

The last few 25th overall selections were:

  • Corson Ceulemans (CBJ in 2021)
  • Justin Barron (COL in 2020)
  • Connor McMichael (WSH in 2019)
  • Dominik Bokk (STL in 2018 and taken with the pick traded to them by Toronto as the Leafs were after Rasmus Sandin and moved down)
  • Ryan Poehling (MTL in 2017)
  • Riley Tufte (DAL in 2016)
  • Jack Roslovic (WPG in 2015)
  • David Pastrnak (BOS in 2014 - Winner! Gagnant!)
  • Michael McCarron (MTL in 2013)
  • Jordan Schmaltz (STL in 2012)
  • Stuart Percy (TOR in 2011)/

Not a lot of household names in the recent picks at that spot, but then, they’ve hardly had time to become known.

McKenzie’s list in the section that matters to us looks like this:

  • 22 - Noah Östlund - C
  • 23 - Owen Pickering - D
  • 24 - Denton Mateychuk - D
  • 25 - Ryan Chesley - D
  • 26 - Lian Bichsel - D
  • 27 - Rutger McGroarty - RW
  • 28 - Nathan Gaucher - C/

Check out the full list if you like the idea of going a little more off the expected pick order. Remember, McKenzie’s list heavily reflects what actually happens, and doesn’t reflect what should happen, nor is it an opinion on who should be taken when. But it gives us a chance to look at who is most likely to be available at that spot.

If you, like me, don’t really know many of those names, we’ve got an app for that:

2022 NHL Draft Profiles

You’ll notice a lot of defencemen in this area of the list, and that’s to be expected. Centres get ranked higher, defenders lower. The highest ranked goalie is at 62, so don’t expect a saviour starter to be taken by the Leafs. Their next pick is at 79th overall, and they have a seventh rounder as well. McKenzie’s list covers the presumed selections up to number 90, so you can get an idea of who might be available at 79th overall as well.