Happy weekend. Not much happened on yesterday—the day was a bit of a nothing burger, if you will. Apt, because I trekked to a burger place yesterday night only to find that they’re closed until early September. I’m still not over it. Here are your weekend links.


Oh, also Brandon Dubinsky got angry about college free agency. Do you think he has a point?


Our weekly Top 25 Under 25 review is here.

Jeff Flanagan announced as head coach of the Toronto Furies - PPP
Jeff Flanagan becomes the fourth head coach in Furies history.

2017 Top 25 Under 25: #6 Connor Brown - PPP
He scored 20 goals for the Maple Leafs, but moves down out of the top 5 this year.

Auston Matthews is better than Connor McDavid - PPP
My name is seldo and I’m here to tell you why SB Nation is wrong

The Connor Brown Contingency Plan - PPP
Can the Leafs exploit a cap trick to make salary room down the line?

Other news

The next generation of Canada and USA stars face off in Lake Placid - The Ice Garden
USA takes the three-game series 2–1 as the two countries prepare for the World Championship in January

PTO Season: Any options for the Pens still out there? - PensBurgh
The Penguins need a center, are any tryouts a possibility?

In a make-or-break year for Dylan Strome, a move to wing may be his best option - Five For Howling
In a make-or-break year for the Coyotes top prospect, a move to wing may be the only way to save him in Arizona.

Are the Free Agency rules for NCAA players working, or do they need to be changed?

Dubinsky is right. It’s a joke only drafted NCAA players can become FAs.219
The rules may need a few tweaks, but it’s not a big problem.129
It’s fine. He’s wrong.28