It is likely that the Leafs will play Boston in the playoffs, and it’s normal that we want them to lose. We don’t want them injured, however, and there’s no one other than Boston we hate more than the Habs.

Charlie McAvoy is an excellent young player, and to see him go down at the hands of Brendan Gallagher of all people. Well, I didn’t get out the torch and pitchfork, but I was ready to cheer on Boston fans who would call for Player Safety to go after Gallagher hard.

There’s no place in the game for this.


Wait, that Chara elbow was a little half-hearted, but still a bit dirty and then he trips Gallagher. Meanwhile Gallagher is...innocent?

Reality is very much a complicated beast that changes the more you look at it. Who is the guilty party here? To be honest, I’m just glad I can stop feeling sorry for the Bruins; that was an uncomfortable few minutes. Always a good idea to look for different camera angles.

Maybe the easy way out is to just judge by the colours of the jerseys.

The score in this game is 1-0 Habs halfway though. Ugh. Go, Habs? Blech. How bad do we want home ice?

Can the Leafs get home ice advantage against Boston?