Damien Cox is an outmoded, sour dinosaur of a columnist who can't stand the heat, yet won't get out of the kitchen. Yesterday he had a Jose Cancesoesque mini-meltdown on Twitter as he got into it with Jays fans over his column about how Jose Bautista must be juicing.  Godd Till brought back the Cox Bloc to talk about it and apparently Damien didn't take too kindly to it. He responded with this:

@GoddTill Another one of those basement fellows chiming in. Sorry, y'all get blocked. You know better.

Oh look a jab at bloggers for living in their mother's basements. How original. Wait, no it's not because Cox has used the same "insult" before:

IMHO, Twitter NOT just avenue for the gutless (PPP and girlfriends) to take more anonymous shots from their basements. Blocked every time.

This of course was during the whole "don't follow me unless you're my friend" rant that Cox went on a while back, and led to me getting Cox Blocked myself. (A "Badge of Honor" day it was.)

Look Damien, I get it. You're scared of bloggers taking over your turf and make these childish remarks in an attempt to belittle them while boosting your own ego for being an "established journalist". But do yourself a favor, and just quit it already because it's such a terrible misnomer that all it serves to do is make you sound even more like a pissed off dinosaur.

As I write this, at this very moment I'm in my top floor luxury apartment sitting on my pillow top queen sized bed while watching my 42" HDTV.  You see I went to a prestigious engineering school for four years and now work for one of the most advanced engineering companies in the world. I haven't lived with my parents since high school. Blogging tends to attract two fours kinds of people; fanboys with little insight to give or say, humorists, avid fans, and people who are drawn to statistical and logical based arguments; people like engineers, lawyers, accountants, and those in business. The number one profession among those who run SBNation hockey blogs? Lawyer.

But no, you must be right Damien. All us engineers, lawyers, and business people must be yelling at you from the confines of our parents' basements. Grow up Cox and stop acting like a dick.

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